What is understood by quality in a towel?

In consumer surveys, the perception of quality in a towel is based on the following:

•  Its absorbency. That it dries

•  Its softness and texture. That it is pleasing to the touch

•  How easily it dries. That it dries

•  The type of terry cloth, its density and weight

•  Its design and colour

A cotton towel is woven using three types of thread: warp thread, a weft thread and a filling thread. The proportion of each varies according to the density of the towel, but we can say that filling thread represents between 50-70% of the weight. For each one of these component threads, different thicknesses or types can be used which can be single-ply (one thread) or two-ply (two threads twisted together).

The finished towel is basically the result of the combination of the component threads and of the finish which is given to the fabric. For its part, the quality of the cotton thread is measured by, among other things, the length of the fibres, its elasticity, its resistance, its torsion and the number of flaws it has.

The quality of towel depends fundamentally on the quality of the cotton thread employed to weave it and, most importantly, of the terry cloth. When the terry is only single-ply, it's called American terry, but when the terry is two - of three -ply, we use the term conventional terry.

The density of a towel or terry cloth, expressed in grams per square metre (g/m 2 ), gives a measure of the amount of cotton it has in it. Higher density is normally associated with better quality, although this is not always certain. Towels of the same density can have very different characteristics. For example, a very short-fibre cotton needs high torsion levels to attain sufficient resistance, resulting in a coarse fabric which will need more softener in its finish.

Clearly, the more softener a towel needs in order to be pleasing to the touch, the lower the quality of the thread will have been, and the lower will be its absorbency and effectiveness at drying.

Carlos Luna specifies on the instructions labels that, owing to the towels' high quality, softeners are not required.


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